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A Perspective as We Begin with DT.

As a soon to be 70 year old, I have lived through the Civil RIghts, Women’s Rights,Grey Rights, Gay Rights,and most recently Tran and learned boutsgender Rights. In addition we… Read more »

The Beginning: The DT Administration

It has been an arduous, tumultuous, and yes, emotional election season. I was VERY active on FB, responding multiple times daily to the events, headlines, and pronouncements on Twitter, and… Read more »

We are on the verge of history

If all goes well tonight with the 6 states voting today, even Bernie Sanders may have to see the writing on the wall. I just want to remind us all… Read more »

It’s Getting More and More Difficult to be Civil

The daily pronouncements from the Republican and other haters, the pervasive ignorance shown by elected officials, and the failure of religious leaders to be the voices of reason and love… Read more »

We are at a crossroads my friends

The militarizing of America’s police forces, the rolling back of the Voting Rights Act, and 6 years of deliberate malfunctioning of government for the sole purpose of hindering the twice… Read more »

I Don’t Know About You, but I’m Still Angry

Social media continues to highlight new situations and reveals some we hadn’t known about when they occurred. Nothing has changed. The new Congress is in session and we’ve already had… Read more »

Michael Brown’s murder must become a tipping point

With all due respect to family, friends, and others who serve or who have served honorably as police officers I feel compelled to say the following. Policing in the US… Read more »