The Beginning: The DT Administration

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It has been an arduous, tumultuous, and yes, emotional election season. I was VERY active on FB, responding multiple times daily to the events, headlines, and pronouncements on Twitter, and the like. I found myself alternatively enraged, saddened, and grief-stricken. My faith in and perception of “the American people” has been seriously compromised.
With the Inauguration, it is beyond time for us to be real about where we go from here.

I am still enraged and saddened. Once again, as in the election of 2000, our votes didn’t matter. The rigged system DT railed about actually was rigged. Not to thwart his efforts, but rather to thwart the best interests of the American people. We now know from very tried and tested sources that Russia’s Putin colluded to interfere in our electoral process. We know that he has been wining and dining DT to co-opt him as an operative for years!

We will probably soon know the identities and details of key Trump supporters who have also been and continue to be on the Russian’s payroll.

Photos of DT engaging in whatever his sexual proclivities are is not the primary issue. That a combative enemy nation can blackmail/control him because of it should be of paramount importance to all of us. It’s difficult to know for certain if the leaks were coordinated with his knowledge or if was simply Putin’s way of saying I own you. Time will tell.
The speeches, the tweets, the announcements, and the cabinet picks all point to an administration of DT, for DT and clearly not for the American people.

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