A Perspective as We Begin with DT.

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As a soon to be 70 year old, I have lived through the Civil RIghts, Women’s Rights,Grey Rights, Gay Rights,and most recently Tran and learned boutsgender Rights. In addition we have tacklebelongin to Obamd and learned about the cultures, languages, and historiess of ¬†American Indians, Hispanics, Muslims and others.

Each group has advocated for themselves as the American people have rallied. The notion of culture, promulgted as an Obama initiative is patently false. As a  president of the people, President Obama learned about issues and cultures heretofore unfamiliar to him.

Senate Majority leader, Mitch McConnel, announced with pride that he and other Republicans would work diligently to thwart the Obama agend. This was in no way indicative or inclusive of Amerivan values nor American predilections.

The DT era is indicative of the antithesis of American values and inclusivity. We have heard the lament time and again againt racial groups, ethnic minorities, women, the disabled, the poor, and the undereducted. Now the American president is waging a war against the press, the bastion of free speech and truth; he has issued sudden laws restricting the comings and goings of students and others from 7 countries.

Who governs like this and why? Clearly this is not an administration that has the intrests of the American people at heart. This is about greed and power, plain and simple. I was going to say pure and simple, but there is nothing pure about this.

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