We are at a crossroads my friends

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The militarizing of America’s police forces, the rolling back of the Voting Rights Act, and 6 years of deliberate malfunctioning of government for the sole purpose of hindering the twice elected, popularly supported, administration of Barack Obama tells it all. The consistent and deleterious denigration of the president, not withstanding the assault on the Office of the President, brings shame to our country not only here at home, but around the world.
The bigger story is why? The more important question is how could they? The pertinent implications going forward for America’s governmental system and the American people must be looked at through the prism of history.
Charles Mann’s 1493, Edward Baptist’s The Half Has Never Been Told, and Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow provide us with clearly written and well documented connecting the dots historical facts that provide a framework for understanding how we got to where we are. Perhaps more more importantly, their works force critical thinkers to examine the clear markers for what is coming. ..an Apartheid system of government.
Take a look at these works and I’m sure there are others…let’s meet back here and discuss.

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