Michael Brown’s murder must become a tipping point

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With all due respect to family, friends, and others who serve or who have served honorably as police officers I feel compelled to say the following.
Policing in the US in 2014, is akin to crimes against humanity. Police officers are supposed to be trained professionals, mature responsible individuals, of sound mind and courageous character interested, willing, and able to protect and promote safety in our communities. In too many cities and towns across the United States they are failing. The murder of Michael Brown, what else do you call it when a trained,armed, officer of the law shoots an unarmed man more than 10 times, must result in a comprehensive look at the state of policing in this country. The federal government must do the review and in a very timely fashion. Recently, a policeman in New York “accidentally” shot an unarmed, completely innocent man in a stairwell with his family. One reason given to explain the tragic accident was that there was no light in the stairwell. Sooo the trained policeman had his gun drawn but not his flashlight on? Today we hear about a 12 year old shot and killed at a play ground. The 911 caller indicated it was a juvenile and that the gun he was playing with was probably not real. The caller noted he was pointing the gun at people. However, again, trained, professionals only knew one way to respond. The pervasive disregard for the value of Black and Brown life must end. More coming. In the meantime, please let me know your thoughts.

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